Version 2The heart of my call is worship. I am passionate about proclamation, liturgy, sacrament, and artistic expression, and the way worship functions as the hingepoint between God’s grace and our grateful response. My time in seminary only deepened my love for worship, and my passion has helped me to develop my gifts and skills for worship leadership as well.

I feel primarily called to small church ministry, although I am open to God’s surprises. I believe strongly in the small church as the center of robust, relational ministry, and have been blessed to serve in two such churches. After my second year of seminary, I served for twelve months as the full-time intern minister at First Presbyterian Church of Henderson, North Carolina, functioning as an associate pastor, with responsibilities in Christian Education, youth formation, mission, pastoral care, and worship planning and leadership. At the same time, I led monthly worship at a small congregation nearby, Warrenton Presbyterian Church, which I continued to do my final year of seminary. I have also completed a chaplaincy internship at Rex Healthcare in Raleigh, North Carolina, deepening my commitment to the ministry of presence and to walking with people in the sorrows and joys of life.

I believe that the church can be the body of Christ on earth, healing, teaching, loving, feeding, and yes, sometimes breaking, that all may know the power of God’s fierce and forever love. In my first call, I seek to grow alongside a church as we learn how better to be members of that body together.