In Praise of the Thread

Holy God,
when I am holding on by a thread,
buffeted by gale winds,
anxious and overwhelmed,
teach me to praise the thread.
Show me the thread is your gift,
a connection of love and hope,
delicate as your tender mercy,
strong as your unquenchable grace.
In the thread, may I know
I am still with you.

And once I have learned to praise,
teach me to weave in and out
with the people you surround me with
until all the disparate threads
that connect us to you
twine together into cords of your love,
ropes to rescue us,
nets to hold us safe.
Threads of connection,
to weave the fabric of a new world.

But for now, while I hang here,
all I ask is that you help me
learn to praise the thread.


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