Back to School Prayer (in a Pandemic)

Jesus, our friend,
we are going back to school
but not like we remember.
We are full of feelings—mad, worried, scared, confused.
We don’t know what will happen.
We don’t know how to do this.
So remind us that you are with us every day,
with us whether we are in a school building or at home,
with us as we study, as we read, as we solve problems,
with us when our teachers are far away,
with us when our parents are having to fill in,
with us when we’re having fun,
and with us when we’re not.
Help us to be open to whatever this year will bring,
and to be extra kind to our teachers, our classmates,
our siblings, our parents and caretakers, and ourselves,
because this is hard for everyone.
But you have given us the strength to love and to be kind
so we will try our best.
And when things get crazy, and it all seems too much,
help us to simply sit and be still
and know that you are God. Amen.

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