A Prayer for Impossible Choices

God, we scream to you
"we can't do this!"
All the pieces won't fit,
no matter how many times
we run through the questions.
Nothing is good.
Nothing is what we want.

We're stuck between impossible choices,
and we wonder what happened to the God
through whom all things were supposed to be possible.

"I'm here," you whisper.
"And I'm still making things possible.
Creativity and love,
perseverance and fortitude,
peace that passes understanding.
It's all still possible.
Hard. But possible."

And so we draw near to you,
God of all possibilities,
as we juggle impossible choices,
and ask that you would draw the good
out of what seems abysmal.
Draw the good out of us,
and remind us that though the path is hard,
we never walk alone. Amen.

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