Affirmation: Working for the Kingdom (Confession of 1967)

This affirmation of faith is adapted from the Confession of 1967, the first contemporary American creed. The Confession of 1967 draws heavily on the idea of reconciliation as it aims to address the role of the church in the modern world.

God’s redeeming work in Jesus Christ embraces the whole of our life. It is the will of God that God’s purpose for human life shall be fulfilled under the rule of Christ and all evil be banished from creation. Already God’s reign is present as a seed* in the world, stirring hope in people and preparing the world to receive its ultimate judgment and redemption. With an urgency born of this hope, the church applies itself to present tasks and strives for a better world. It does not identify limited progress with the kingdom of God on earth, nor does it despair in the face of disappointment and defeat. In steadfast hope, the church looks beyond all partial achievement to the final triumph of God. Amen.


*The original word here is ferment, which is a powerful and evocative image. I replaced it for my intergenerational congregation with a more common word, but would have gladly left it in had I been able to explain what a ferment was within the service.

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