Affirmation: Gospel (Second Helvetic Confession)

The Second Helvetic Confession is one of twelve statements of faith from our Book of Confessions, composed in 1561 by Heinrich Bullinger, a Reformed minister serving in Zurich, Switzerland during the emergence of Swiss-German Reformed Protestantism. The following is excerpted from the longer confession.

What is the Gospel?
The Gospel is properly called glad and joyous news,
in which, first by John the Baptist, then by Christ the Lord himself,
and afterwards by the apostles and their successors,
is preached to us in the world that God has now performed
what God promised from the beginning of the world,
and has sent, nay more, has given us the only Son
and in him reconciliation with our Creator,
the remission of sins, all fullness and everlasting life. Amen.

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