Affirmation: Reconciliation (Confession of 1967)

Our affirmation of faith is excerpted from the Confession of 1967, the first contemporary American creed. The Confession of 1967 draws heavily on the idea of reconciliation as it aims to address the role of the church in the modern world. The following is adapted from the longer confession.

The church confesses its faith when it bears a present witness to God’s grace in Jesus Christ. The risen Christ is the savior of all people. Those joined to him by faith are set right with God and commissioned to serve as God’s reconciling community. Christ is head of this community, the church, which began with the apostles and continues through all generations.

God the Holy Spirit fulfills the work of reconciliation in human life. The Holy Spirit creates and renews the church as the community in which people are reconciled to God and to one another. The Spirit enables people to receive forgiveness as they forgive one another and to enjoy the peace of God as they make peace among themselves. In spite of their sin, the Spirit gives people power to become representatives of Jesus Christ and his gospel of reconciliation to all.

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