Affirmation: Church (Second Helvetic Confession)

Our Affirmation of Faith is adapted from the Second Helvetic Confession, composed in 1561 by Heinrich Bullinger, a Reformed minister serving in Zurich, Switzerland during the emergence of Swiss-German Reformed Protestantism. It is known for its particular focus on the life of the church. This affirmation is excerpted from the longer confession.

The Church is an assembly of the faithful
called or gathered out of the world;
a communion of all saints,
namely, of those who truly know
and rightly worship
and serve the true God
in Christ the Savior,
by the Word and Holy Spirit,
and who by faith are partakers of all benefits
which are freely offered through Christ.
They are all citizens of the one city,
living under the same Lord,
under the same laws,
and in the same fellowship of all good things.

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