A Christmas Eve Blessing

May the angels’ song never fade for you
may it ring in your ears
until you too lift your voice.

May the light of the star never dim for you
may it shine on your path
until you find what you are looking for.

May the love of Christ never feel far from you
may it carry you through dark nights
until you cannot help but share it.

And may the Spirit of Christmas never wane for you
may wonder and mystery wrap themselves around you
may peace and power be your constant company
may beauty and blessing glimmer on every side
and if there comes a day
when Christmas seems impossible
and celebration beyond imagining,
may you always remember,
that you are held to God’s heart,
cradled as lovingly as the Christ child was,
that nothing in this world
or any other
can separate you from God’s love,
love made flesh,

Go in peace. Amen.

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