Thanksgiving Over the Water for Baptism

A prayer of thanksgiving, adapted from the PCUSA Book of Common Worship.

Eternal and gracious God, we give you thanks:
For the crashing waters of creation, calmed by your spirit soaring by.
For the high waves of the Red Sea, a pathway from slavery to freedom.
For the reedy banks of the River Jordan,
where for us Jesus was baptized,
whom you claimed as your Son, the Beloved.
For the Galillean Sea where Jesus called his disciples.
For the well where a woman learned to thirst for living water,
and to call Jesus “the Christ.”
For the water that rushed from Jesus’ side on the cross.
For the gentle waves on the beach where he appeared again.
For the crystal sea where we shall praise you eternally.

God, your faithfulness is ever-flowing, a river that never runs dry.
Through the baptism of Jesus’ death and resurrection,
you set us free from the chains of sin and death,
and give us cleansing and rebirth.
In baptism you give us your Holy Spirit,
our teacher and truth-teller, who unfolds in us a variety of gifts,
that we might share your good news with all people
and serve you as a royal priesthood.

Holy Spirit, pour yourself out upon us and upon this water,
that this font may be your womb of new birth.
May Nora and Carolyn, who now pass through these waters
be delivered from death to life,
from bondage to freedom, from sin to righteousness.
May they feel always the power of your grace.
Bind them to the household of faith,
guard them from all evil.
Strengthen them to serve you with joy
until the day you make all things new.

To you be all praise, honor, and glory;
through Jesus Christ our Savior,
who, with you and the Holy Spirit,
lives and reigns forever. Amen.

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